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Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair

Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair

Why You Should Choose Human Hair over Synthetic Hair


Synthetic hair has been in existence since hair extensions were invented so it’s understandable if you’ve grown some kind of loyalty towards it. Yet you find yourself wondering if the grass is greener on the other side. Girl, it’s time to get over that loyalty and take the step forward. What is this step forward? Human hair!


For lovers of good hair, human hair provides so much advantages and benefits which you ought to enjoy. Here you’re going to get the key benefits you can enjoy from human hair, which synthetic hair do not provide.

  1. Durability: Human hair is super durable. Despite the fact that it’s more expensive than synthetic hair, you can make use of human hair for years. Yes, you read it right, Years! And this is from the testimonies of a lot of human hair users. You can buy a curly human hair extension this year and by the same time next year, (no exaggerations) it’ll remain just as curly. This is definitely better than synthetic hair which lasts no more than a couple of months.
  2. Use of heating tools: One of the best parts about human hair is that it doesn’t burn or get damaged when you use a curling iron or hot rollers on it. If you want your hair straight, you can stretch it out with a straightener and if you want it curled, its curling iron friendly. You deserve to enjoy this kind of hair flexibility!
  3. Color treatment: Why have a fixed color weave when you can change it whenever you want? Colored weave is the new trend and it doesn’t seem like it will be going out of style anytime soon. With human hair, you can dye your hair from black to blue, and whichever other colors you’re up for. This isn’t something you can enjoy with synthetic hair.
  4.  Natural look: When you have hair extensions on, the last thing you should want is for the next person to know it’s not your real hair. Even if it’s a red and black weave, everyone should believe you’ve got natural multicolored hair. Human hair looks perfectly natural, because (who are we kidding), it is natural hair!


For a great look you have to slay, not just your makeup and clothes, but also your hair. Choosing human hair, will make you look nothing less than splendid. Choose human hair over synthetic hair and slay, Queen!


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