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The Brand

Our Brand stands behind our product 100%. We ethically source our hair from  South East Asia mainly Burma, Indonesia, Cambodia and Malaysia. We maintain a close hands on relationship with our vendors ensuring that quality is never compromised. We encourage you to not be confused by the hype but be encouraged to learn what works best for you texture wise.   


About Mane Regalia

The vision to create a brand that can be globally trusted has been a long time goal. Our Founder, Eveliz Assiamah is a licensed beauty professional and has been in the beauty industry for over 18 years. Eveliz has practiced cosmetology far and wide as an international artist working with beauty queens (Miss Universe) , creating hair pieces for the Award winning Angela Bassett, and a host of notable names in Hollywood as well as providing beauty solutions for the everyday woman.

Her vast experience in the industry led her to cultivate not only a great product that is tried and tested but a community that celebrates excellence.

Mane Regalia has been seen on Netflix, Essence,The Real, Amazon Prime Video, Emmys, ETC.

The Mane Regalia Brand has cultivated a strong community  known as "Regal women", women of substance with great style who exude class.  


Regalia Raves

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