All wigs require 18-21 business days to process before shipment.
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Diva and Cookie, as I call them are my custom units from Mane Regalia…the quality is top notch. Fit’s like a glove! I literally have to explain to friends that it is a unit and not a sew in…with minimum to no shedding. There is not a day that I don’t get a compliment when I have them on. Customer service is excellent ..  I have had my units for 18 months and I plan on getting a third one pretty soon.

Stella G.

Words do not express how excited I was to receive my Mane Regalia “Naomi” unit. Service was impeccable and my unit was absolutely amazing. The texture of the hair is to die for! I’ve never experienced hair so smooth, shiny, and tangle/shed-free. Everyone I come across thinks it’s coming straight from my scalp! Isn’t that what we all want from a unit? I’m glad I was able to get exactly that with Mane Regalia. I can’t wait to get some more!

Cynthia A.

I had never owned a wig because they looked very unnatural to me until I Purchased my first unit from Mane Regalia  July 2016, since then I have never braided or had a sew in. I love my custom Mane Regalia units, they look so natural and the quality is out of this world, I still use my first unit from 2 years ago and it’s still looks like new. And yes I own 11 Mane Regalia custom units and still counting.

Naa O.B.


I’ve had hair  from Mane Regalia going on 3 years and I’ve done everything to it.  One of the units I dyed 4 times and it held colors really well. I love how soft it is. I wand curl and even put curl rods in it and it creates amazing results. I wear my hair daily for months at a time then I switch it up. I actually have three different  wigs and they are all so great for when I need to switch up my look.


The most natural looking units I have ever seen. I visited the Mane Regalia Studio and was in awe at the wide selection. Finding units that fit me and are tailored to me have been so hard. I ordered the Nubian kink unit and everyone thinks its my hair at work. I just let them think that. I bought it so it’s mine lol. I’m saving up for my next one.

Jessica H.

The hair quality on the Mane Regalia Unit is great! It doesn’t shed and looks good as when I first bought it. The fit is customized and perfect. Exceptional  customer service and quick delivery. I’ve had my unit for 2 years and still get compliments. I’ll be ordering another soon.

Kay T.

I ordered a natural textured unit from Mane Regalia and let me say it made me look YOUNGER. Lol, I wasn’t ready for all the compliments I received.  I have ordered a second one, this time a little shorter so I can switch it up based on my mood that day.

Liz P.

I love my Mane Regalia Units!!! I  get so many compliments on how great my hair looks and how natural looking  my hair line is. It was nicely cut to suit me. Thank you!!!

Casey C.