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Choosing the best hair on the market

Choosing the best hair on the market

In this day and age with so many hair vendors poppin up literally on every corner, I know you are very confused and frankly petrified at the idea of spending your hard earned money on a hair vendor only to experience disappointment.

I can honestly tell you that the Mane Regalia Extensions line is a product line you can depend on. We source our hair straight from the source, Yes we get on planes and over seas just to make sure that the hair is real and worth every penny. The hair can be worn for several years with great upkeep and can be used over and over again So let your guards down, yes and enjoy the variety we have to share.

In this Video I feature the Maneregalia PrimaDonna Curl Custom unit. I felt you guys have been great, reading this whole post to the end so the video also includes a makeup tutorial. Enjoy!

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