Pay a low monthly fee of $180 in order to secure your new look. With this service, you can budget for a brand new unit!


Only VIP members are given the opportunity to enjoy this subscription service. You must be invited to join or you can apply below.


Sit back an relax as you receive boxes each month. You won’t have to worry about purchasing a new unit. It’s already on its way!

  • Natural Hair Box

    Month 1

    We know you love wigs, but we want to make sure that the hair beneath your wigs is healthy and in great condition. You will receive products that you can use to keep your natural hair intact.

  • Unit Prep Box

    Month 2

    We’re excited to send you your unit next month, but we want to make sure that you have everything that you need in order to take good care of it. This box will give you everything you need.

  • "Hello ______!" Box

    Month 3

    Your brand new unit is finally here! We named this box “Hello ____!” because we want you to give your new unit a name. Enjoy your unit and don’t forget to send us your selfies!

Are you interested in joining the club? VIP members are given the opportunity to enjoy this subscription service as well as numerous perks and advantages. Apply below!

  • First Dibs On New Styles
  • 4 FREE Revamps A Year
    Get any of your Mane Regalia wigs serviced (tighten the tracks, wash, set, and style.)
  • 1 PREMIUM Studio Experience
    Receive a studio experience once a year.
  • Exclusive Access To Mane Regalia TV
    You will receive exclusive access to educational hair care videos.
  • Get A FREE Install
    If you make a purchase of $300 on MR bundles, you will receive a FREE install at our Dallas location.

Not interested in the subscription?
That’s fine, but don’t forget to take
advantage of our array of products.
From Clip-Ins to “Build Your Own Unit”,
we have everything you need!

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