Lace Frontal vs Lace Closure
Lace Frontal

Lace Closure

This has to be the most asked question of all time! If I had a Dollar for every time I was asked to differentiate between the two id be a millionaire by now, lol, ok maybe not a millionaire but id be one rich Lady. Today I am going to lay out all you need to know about these two on the table. I must be honest Im writing this blog so that the next time someone asks me again, im sending them straight here. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Most lace closures are 4 by 4 or 5 by 5 inches in length while Lace frontals are Typically 13 by 4 inches.

So lets say you wanted to try a new style, something that would protect your hair, have low maintenance but still look natural, id advise you to go with a closure. With a closure you could have that style for 6-8 weeks with little to no maintenance. The closure would give you a nice defined natural looking parting in your hair while all your real hair is neatly tucked in underneath.

On the other hand if you opted for a frontal which is a hair piece that goes from ear to ear, you cant escape maintenance. Frontals are High maintenance. It is not for the faint hearted, lol. It moves much quicker from the hairline and needs to be reapplied either with a Glue, Gel or Sewn Down. You might ask how often? well as often as every 3 days to every 2 weeks depending on the application.

Now lets say you had a big event coming up, something like a wedding, I would recommend you go with a Lace frontal. The ear to ear option gives you room to wear any style your heart desires. You could reinvent your entire hairline, who cares. Its your day and it only needs to last a few weeks anyway,your wedding day and that honeymoon a few days after.

The ear to ear option if applied correctly gives the illusion that the hair is growing from your scalp and ohhh the parting options are endless.

You are probably thinking how much is all this going to cost? Well I must say that Lace Closures are cheaper than Lace frontals. Its just practical. It takes more man power and skill to create and apply a Lace frontal. The Lace Closure is moderately priced as its not as tedious to install and requires less man power in production.

Bottom line, If you had to choose between the two, they are both equally amazing and can give you that natural looking finish you want. It all boils down to, do you have the time and are you willing to put in the effort towards maintenance of one over the other. Lets not also forget price points.

Why You Should Choose Human Hair over Synthetic Hair


Synthetic hair has been in existence since hair extensions were invented so it’s understandable if you’ve grown some kind of loyalty towards it. Yet you find yourself wondering if the grass is greener on the other side. Girl, it’s time to get over that loyalty and take the step forward. What is this step forward? Human hair!


For lovers of good hair, human hair provides so much advantages and benefits which you ought to enjoy. Here you’re going to get the key benefits you can enjoy from human hair, which synthetic hair do not provide.

  1. Durability: Human hair is super durable. Despite the fact that it’s more expensive than synthetic hair, you can make use of human hair for years. Yes, you read it right, Years! And this is from the testimonies of a lot of human hair users. You can buy a curly human hair extension this year and by the same time next year, (no exaggerations) it’ll remain just as curly. This is definitely better than synthetic hair which lasts no more than a couple of months.
  2. Use of heating tools: One of the best parts about human hair is that it doesn’t burn or get damaged when you use a curling iron or hot rollers on it. If you want your hair straight, you can stretch it out with a straightener and if you want it curled, its curling iron friendly. You deserve to enjoy this kind of hair flexibility!
  3. Color treatment: Why have a fixed color weave when you can change it whenever you want? Colored weave is the new trend and it doesn’t seem like it will be going out of style anytime soon. With human hair, you can dye your hair from black to blue, and whichever other colors you’re up for. This isn’t something you can enjoy with synthetic hair.
  4.  Natural look: When you have hair extensions on, the last thing you should want is for the next person to know it’s not your real hair. Even if it’s a red and black weave, everyone should believe you’ve got natural multicolored hair. Human hair looks perfectly natural, because (who are we kidding), it is natural hair!


For a great look you have to slay, not just your makeup and clothes, but also your hair. Choosing human hair, will make you look nothing less than splendid. Choose human hair over synthetic hair and slay, Queen!


Reasons Why You Should Join The Wig Craze

Have you noticed that almost every woman is wearing a wig these days? Look around you and even on Tv. Our favorite celebrities, Kylie Jenner, Beyonce, Rihanna, Katie Holmes,Nicki Minaj,Lady Gaga to name a few. I bet some of these names surprised you. Women from all walks of life are making Wigs an important part of their everyday looks for so many reasons.

 Wigs come with numerous  benefits. Benefits which are enough to have you joining the wig craze. 



  1. Convenience: Wigs are super convenient. All you have to do with a wig is brush it and put it on. Visiting the hairstylist can be tiring with sitting in a chair for hours, having your hair pulled at and sweating under a hot dryer. With wigs, you literally don’t feel a thing. At any time of the day,  you can simply take it off, brush it neatly and put it back on.


2. Unlimited hairstyles: With wigs there’s no limit to the hairstyle or hair color you can enjoy. If you’d like to have the craziest red hair for just the weekend and have your professional black hair back on a Monday for work, wigs can do the trick.

3. Natural Hair Protection: Wigs help you keep your natural hair protected and also gives it time to rest. This is because styling your hair daily can be harmful to your hair with all the product build up, heat and manipulation.Wearing wigs gives your hair a break while also protecting your hair from harsh weather conditions


4.Durability: You can wear your wigs for a long time and still look great every time. With proper care and maintenance , your wig could last for over a year.  This also helps you save money in the long run.

5. Availability: Wigs are always available for use. (That is once you purchase one). With 2 or 3 different wigs,  whatever event pops up, you won’t be caught unaware in the hair aspect. You know all you have to do is brush one of your wigs based on your mood and style choice for the day and voila, you are ready to step out in style.

6. Cost: Yes you read right, A typical average salon visit runs about $60 to $80 easily, in most cases low maintenance to high maintenance styling require you visit the salon weekly and on the low maintenance end bi weekly. These prices add up quickly. Look at it this way, if you went to the salon at $80, twice a month, in three months you tally up a bill that is $480. With this amount you could purchase a Wig and with proper care it could last you 2 years or more, think about it. 24 months and $3840 in your pocket assuming you visit the salon every 2 weeks at $80. Wow!


Thin hair and scalp and broken hair

7. Medical Reasons: Now there is hope for many women who suffer hair loss due to medical reasons, Illness like cancer, alopecia, thinning hair etc. while attending to your natural tresses and nursing it to health the convenience of a wig comes in handy.


With wigs you can be certain that bad hair days will become a thing of the past. Buy a wig today and enjoy all these benefits and more!  

In this day and age with so many hair vendors poppin up literally on every corner, I know you are very confused and frankly petrified at the idea of spending your hard earned money on a hair vendor only to experience disappointment. I can honestly tell you that the Mane Regalia Extensions line is a product line you can depend on. We source our hair straight from the source, Yes we get on planes and over seas just to make sure that the hair is real and worth every penny. The hair can be worn for several years with great upkeep and can be used over and over again So let your guards down, yes and enjoy the variety we have to share. In this Video I feature the Maneregalia PrimaDonna Curl Custom unit. I felt you guys have been great, reading this whole post to the end so the video also includes a makeup tutorial. Enjoy!