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Why is my payment declined?

Your payment may be declined for a number of reasons. Please look below for the following information: Check your card to make sure that the information you’ve entered is correct. For example, the expiration date, card number. Also, common mistakes like an incorrectly spelled name or incorrect billing address may cause an issue. Be sure […]

Why isn’t my promo code working?

Your code may not be working for some of the following reasons: The code may be contain a typo. Please make sure that you have inserted the correct code. The code may have expired. The code may require a minimum purchase which has not been met in order to receive the discount. The discount may […]

Will I be refunded for the difference of a discounted item?

No, you will not be refunded for any discounted item. Discounts are provided at random times and each customer has the ability to utilize the discount/coupon codes during their purchase. Failure to do so is at your inconvenience. You will not be refunded for that. Also, you will not receive any discounts the day after […]